Point Loma Home Wins National Award for Home of the Year


Technology Fuels the Ultimate Green Home. That’s the lead title for Electronic House Magazine’s 2008 Home of the Year. The award is given out annually to the home that makes the best use of technology. This year’s winner, from San Diego’s Point Loma neighborhood, is the first winner to be “an energy-efficient, sustainable home that’s made largely from environmentally friendly materials”.

Kevin deFreitas, an architect and general contractor, built his dream home known as Casa Futura, which claimed the Grand Prize. Through the use of 26 solar panels that generate electricity and provide hot water to an outdoor plant watering system that gathers weather conditions from the internet, deFreitas cut his utility costs by over half.

This technologically advanced home not only makes it a great ‘green home’ but offers many creature comforts as well. Read more about the 2008 Home of the Year, get a full inventory of the equipment being used at Casa Futura, and take a video tour.

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