#8: Places to Reinvent Your Life


La Jolla Shores Lifeguard StationSan Diego is #8 on AARP’s list of Best Places for People over 50 who are looking for a change of scenery. In their article: .
The 15 Best Places to Reinvent Your Life, San Diego was cited as an area where people not only play hard but also work hard (dispelling the perception many have of our city as a beach bum culture). They also noted Balboa Park, world-class performing arts, professional baseball and football teams, and a diverse dining scene as reasons San Diego should be considered as a top destination for those looking for a change.

San Diego was the only big city (other than San Antonio) and only California city to make the list. The survey acknowledged the high cost of living making it all the more impressive San Diego made the list.

Many of you have moved to San Diego. What are your stories? Where did you come from and what were the things that attracted you to this great area?

Fortunately for me, I decided to move here 10 years ago, when I was 24. I could have just as easily decided to wait until a more appropriate time – such as finding a job, having enough money in the bank, etc. Chances are, that ‘more appropriate time’ may have never come since we tend to get caught up in our routines of life, take on more responsibilities, and get more ingrained into our communities.

First, I flew out to check the lay of the land. I wanted to see if I could find a job, get myself onto an apartment rental waiting list (there was basically 0 vacancy in 1998), and make doubly sure I was ready to pack my car with whatever belongings I could fit and move across the country.

La Jolla Lifeguard StationI didn’t find a job, which made me a little more hesitant about making the move but I did have a chance encounter with a retired Ivy League professor who gave me a new perspective. He had come to La Jolla Shores for vacation and we happened to share a bench on a crowded summer day. He basically told me, “People spend their whole lives working, with hopes to retire one day at a wonderful destination like San Diego. If you are lucky enough to have the money and the good health to retire to a new location, it is still going to be difficult to break ties to a community where you have lived for so many years. Why risk the likelihood you will have more pertinent excuses for not moving once your youthful years have passed, for the opportunity to work and live in the place where you hope to retire one day.”

That chance encounter helped confirm that it was now or never and here I am today, living in America’s playground. I look forward to hearing your stories of where you are from and what brought you to San Diego.

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One Response to “#8: Places to Reinvent Your Life”

  1. James Carson says:

    If I had the opportunity to reinvent my life, San Diego is the place I’d go. I still have happy memories of my all-too-short stay there last September. Congratulations to you for making a go of it, and on a fine blog promoting your new home town.

    James Carson
    Glasgow, Scotland.

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