Operation Homefront Spreads Nationwide


USS Ronald Reagan Aircraft CarrierNavy spouse Meredith Leyva partnered with the San Diego media to create Operation Homefront in 2001. Operation Homefront garners community support to assist the families of military personnel sent abroad. Since that beginning in San Diego, the organization has spread to provide assistance in 34 states.

Prior to Operation Homefront, Meredith Leyva created a web site support forum for military spouses. Once the War in Afghanistan was underway, her popular web site and our San Diego media brought local, and then national, attention to the cause of helping military families. The help provided to military families includes assistance with everyday activities such as car repairs, physical labor, financial assistance, and computer access.

Just last week, Jim Beam Global Spirts & Wine provided a generous $175,000 donation to Operation Homefront. So far, the organization has helped over 45,000 families with $5 million in financial assistance, 20,000 care packages, and 1,500 vehicle donations.

An easy way you can help in this effort is to sponsor a military care package. You can select a military member or their family from one of the military services or even select someone from your home state. Similar to a wedding registry, you will be shown a list of items the family needs. However, in this case, the items are basics like toys for kids, and everyday supplies for mom or dad. To help you get a better feel for the military member’s or family’s needs, many have provided a little background information about their lives. Give some love today to those who have volunteered to go into harms way to defend our freedom.

You can also donate money, vehicles and other supplies.

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  1. Hey great blog post! This is Mike Street and I’m one of the social media guys working with Jim Beam and Operation Homefront. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for posting about The Stuff Inside campaign and helping to spread the word about Operation Homefront.

  2. The Best Places in San Diego says:

    Thank you for helping to promote a great cause.

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