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The explosion of information available online has resulted in a struggle to protect privacy rights of individuals.  New technology is introduced each day that allows government, business, organizations, and even other individuals to explore a person’s history and track personal habits.

Generally, the intentions are good.  For example, companies want to learn the demographics of their customers so they can better identify what type of person is attracted to their product.  This knowledge allows them to adjust their marketing campaign to reach only the types of people who will be most interested in their product.  In another example, web sites want to learn which pages people are visiting on their site so they can figure out which article topics are popular and which are not. This knowledge allows them to provide more relevant articles to their readers.

With anything ‘good’, there is always a ‘bad side’ that comes with it.  Those without good intentions could use technology to pry too much into people’s lives.  In addition, there is the argument of where the line should be drawn on what personal information being collected is reasonable and what is not.

The people who create the new technologies are most interested in pushing their skills to create the next cool capability.  Many who use the technology are most interested in improving the marketing of their product or service.  Neither of these groups is focused on determining the appropriate line for what’s a reasonable gathering of personal information.  Each company, government agency, or organization using the technology will have a different definition on what is appropriate.

This is where the nonprofit, consumer information and advocacy organization Privacy Rights Clearinghouse steps in.  They focus on individual privacy.  They are the ones who will push back when a new technology or the use of a technology appears to have gone too far.  They are the ones who help balance the line of what is reasonable and what is not.

The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse based near Balboa Park has developed a national reputation for representing consumer privacy rights.  They testify before legislators and government agencies.  You will see the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse quoted on nearly a daily basis both online, in print, and on TV across the country.

The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse provides great resources for consumers, including fact sheets on such topics as dealing with credit scores, junk mail, medical records, and identity theft.

You can read more about the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse and its San Diego founder Beth Givens.

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