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Museum of Making MusicLucky for us, the International Music Products Association (also known as NAMM) moved their headquarters from Chicago to Carlsbad in 1998. They immediately opened up their arms to the community by establishing the Museum of Making Music.

Henry Steinway, of Steinway & Sons piano company fame, was the founding president of the Museum.

The Museum of Making Music houses over 450 instruments. They are separated into rooms representing various time periods in music history that explain the development of new music genre with each passing generation. Did you know the Jitterbug style of swing music started as a fluke in Hollywood when Benny Goodman’s band decided to let loose on their last days of a not-so-good cross country tour?

Not only will you find one of the most diverse displays of musical instruments on Earth but also other historical artifacts such as a letter written by Thomas Edison asking to buy a new Steinway piano at the lowest cost possible.

The Museum brings life to the history of music by adding videos that further describe special exhibits, music boxes that play tunes from musicians of different eras, and a room where you can play different musical instruments. There is even a children’s guide where kids can fill in answers to questions on the history of music as they walk around the collections.

Once you visit The Museum of Making Music, you will probably find yourself making repeat visits. They host music exhibitions such as ‘The Violin in America’, music workshops such as learning to groove on a drum set, and frequent concerts. You can sign up for an annual membership to take advantage of these offerings.

Directions from Google Maps. The museum is located in a business park just a few minutes away from the I-5. After visiting the museum, take a moment to walk across Armada Drive. You will get to enjoy a great view of The Flower Fields during spring and the Pacific Ocean year-round.

Visitor Information including hours and the nominal entry fee.

Learn more about NAMM from a previous post.

Food: There are several restaurants nearby including:

Islands Restaurant at the corner of Paseo Del Norte and 889 Palomar Airport Road

Tip Top Meats and European Deli on 6118 Paseo Del Norte, just south of Palomar Airport Road

Several Restaurants, including Bellefleur Restaurant, Ruby’s Diner, and Rubio’s in the Carlsbad Premium Outlets at 5620 Paseo Del Norte, just north of Palomar Airport Road.

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