List of Notable San Diegans


Racquel Welch photo by Alan Light San Diego has been home to more than its fair share of famous people. Our temperate climate allows local kids to play their favorite sport 12 months out of the year. As a result, hundreds of professional athletes and Olympians got their start in San Diego. For those that were not as fortunate to be raised in San Diego, our county is very attractive to those who have the financial means to come live comfortably in an area many call ‘Heaven on Earth’. Let us not forget, our proximity to Hollywood has sent many aspiring actors north on the San Diego Freeway to find success while others who eventually became famous temporarily called San Diego home as members or children of the Navy or Marines.

Even when it comes to unique categories of accomplishment, San Diego has been the home for multiple Heisman Trophy winners, Astronauts, and Supermodels. Here are just a few of the famous San Diegans: Racquel Welch, Jonas Salk, Ray & Joan Kroc, Dennis Hopper, Theodor Geisel, and Bill Walton. To see an extensive list of famous people from our county, visit Wikipedia’s List of Notable San Diegans.

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