Lindbergh’s Triumphant Return to San Diego


Last week I shared with you the unique history of the San Diego Airport. I noted San Diego’s tie with the Spirit of St. Louis, which was built adjacent to the current location of the airport. I came across an article in the Journal of San Diego History that tells the story of Lindbergh’s triumphant return to San Diego.

I thought you may enjoy reading it as well. Here is a little excerpt:

“How different this visit would be from the other 67 cities on the tour was evident from the moment his plane approached flying at a low altitude from Los Angeles on September 21, 1927, a clear and sunny Wednesday. Lindbergh knew that many of the people who would greet him would be those who had seen him off on his departure for New York in May, and that his San Diego visit also meant that the “Spirit” had now completed a round trip from Paris and would be heading back eastward once again. Always grateful to the builders of his plane, he twice circled the Ryan plant near the waterfront while flying on his side and then made the short hop to North Island where he was saluted by a battery of guns. Next, he headed back and made eight circles over the city stadium (later known as Balboa Stadium) to greet the assembled throng there. Buzzing over the center of the field at only 100 feet while dipping his wings, he then returned to land at Ryan Field at about two o’clock in the afternoon.”

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What do you think about this unique aspect of life in San Diego?

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