World’s Brightest Minds Coming to San Diego


Kyoto Prize WinnerMark your calendars for March 12 – 14 if you would like to learn directly from the world’s greatest minds and how they have made an impact on our lives.

San Diego’s environment, especially Torrey Pines Mesa, has always attracted the brightest minds in the world from Jonas Salk (polio vaccine) to J. Craig Venter (human genome). It is only fitting that San Diego is home to the Kyoto Laureate Symposium’ for the 23rd Annual Kyoto Prize Winners.

The Kyoto Prize is the Japanese equivalent of the Nobel Prize. The awards for ‘Advanced Technology, ‘Arts and Philosophy’, and ‘Basic Sciences’ come with $470,000 and a 20-karat gold medal. This year’s winners include Dr. Inokuchi from Tokyo, whose work has resulted in advancement of consumer electronics (including a three millimeter thick TV screen from Sony that will be showcased during the Symposium) and promises future advancements in fuel cells and solar energy systems, Dr. Kanamori from Los Angeles, whose work has resulted in life-saving earthquake and tsunami warning systems, and Ms. Pina Bausch from Germany, whose work has created new dimensions in theatrical arts and established her as one of the world’s most influential performance artists.

Each award winner will be giving separate presentations at our local universities. I don’t know about you but I love to learn new things from great minds. Take advantage of the fact San Diego attracts the most influential people of our time by registering for these free events.

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