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Jan 4, 2010 UPDATE: Ken Kramer is back on the air! I just got a Facebook invite from Ken noting that he will now be on KPBS at 11:30AM on Sundays. Welcome back Ken! I cant’ wait to watch you on the 10th!

(I guess it’s time for me to finally sign up for Facebook. Here is Ken Kramer’s Facebook page.)


If you like this blog, you’ll love Ken Kramer’s About San Diego TV program on NBC 7/39. His show takes a look at the funny, odd and fascinating things that make our region unique. Ken Kramer is the perfect person, with his poetic style, to narrate the fascinating people and history of San Diego.

Barney Oldfield at Lakeside TrackIn this week’s episode, I was surprised to learn San Diego was home to two popular race car tracks in the early part of the 20th century. They hosted the likes of champion race car driver, Barney Oldfield, who is most recognized these days when we see clips of old Silent Films. He was the one who rescued a damsel in distress (Mabel Normand) in ‘Barney Oldfield’s Race for a Life’ by untying her from the train tracks moments before the train arrived.

About San Diego is on Sunday evenings at 6PM. You can catch-up on old episodes by visiting Ken Kramer’s About San Diego web site on NBC 7/39. When you visit the site, you can test your knowledge on San Diego History and view San Diego photos submitted by other viewers.

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14 Responses to “Ken Kramer’s About San Diego”

  1. The Best Places in San Diego says:

    If you have not been able to find Ken Kramer’s About San Diego lately, it is because it has been moved to Saturday evenings at 6PM to make way for Sunday night football. Last night, Ken’s show focused on viewers’ favorite segments from previous episodes. If you missed it, go to the About San Diego web site to watch clips from last night’s episode.

  2. Victoria Worontsoff says:

    Love this show! I am a native and I learn something new about my beloved city every episode. Ken Kramer is the perfect host with his enthusiastic eyes and smile.

  3. CJ says:

    So WHERE is Ken now? Since 7/39 canned him…. :-(

  4. The Best Places in San Diego says:

    I’m sad to share that Ken Kramer’s ‘About San Diego’ is no longer on 7/39 KNSD. According to the Union Tribune, Ken hopes to find another home for the show. If anyone sees it back on the air, please share it with the rest of us.

  5. Lucia Bailely says:

    We and all our friends miss Ken Kramer’s “ABOUT SAN DIEGO” why would they take off such a popular show to all us in San Diego. It was the highlight of the week. I’ve never met Ken Kramer but, I feel like he is a dear friend to me and everyone in the area. We miss you!
    Lucia and Don Bailey

  6. Catherine says:

    Ken Kramer’s show was so refreshing and educatinal . . . gosh we miss him and all the wonderful tidbits about this special County.

  7. Dan Conaway says:

    Hi: It’s October 9, 2009 and I’m trying to reach Ken Kramer on behalf of Historic Highway 80 Corporation, which was formed in 2006 to draw public attention to the history and attractions of this first transcontinental highway (San Diego to Savannah). Essentially we are trying to do for HH80 what others have accomplished for Route 66, The Lincoln Highway and other historic routes.
    We would like to see if Ken is interested in assisting us with our annual “Passport Through Time” activity later this month because it seems such a good fit with his “About San Diego” segments that have entertained us over the years.
    If anyone knows how I might contact him, please let me know either by e-mail or by cell phone: 619-861-1061.

  8. The Best Places in San Diego says:

    The Union Tribune recently reported Ken Kramer is working on a deal to return his About San Diego show to TV on KPBS: As of this post, there has been no additional details forthcoming. If anyone hears anything, please post it here.

  9. Carlynne Allbee says:

    I am watching About San Diego on KPBS 11:30 am on Sunday as I type this. Anyone know how we can reach Ken to give him more info about something or suggest a topic?

    Thank you,

  10. The Best Places in San Diego says:

    The best way to reach Ken Kramer is on his Facebook page. Good luck!

  11. David Turner says:

    A relatively new-comer to the San Diego area, I find Ken’s television presentation and show itself, “About San Diego,” to be of the highest caliber. You can tell that he is old school; he takes pride in his delivery and diction, in the script, and in the stories. He’s a prize to the Public Broadcast System. Like Ken, PBS, continue to hold your standards high, and you’ll keep people like me as a viewer (and as a supporter). In short, thank you Ken Kramer and PBS!


  12. Ron Peters says:

    I have been watching Kens San Diego for years and love his show. I don’t think anybody knows more about San Diegos obscure history any better. Please Ken if you read these ,please write a historical book about San Diego and your travels through our county. I would buy one in a heartbeat and I’m sure many others would too.

  13. April Koonce says:

    I am still fairly new to San Diego, so I appreciate the history of this wonderful county I now call home. this show is very informative for me. I love knowing little known treasures where we are and folklore and urban legends, too.

  14. Cheryl Sulier says:

    Love this program,Ken is a strait up kinda guy.I to am fairly new to San Diego. this is agreat tool in finding out about San Diego,places to go and things to do.Iam agoer and doer,and what agreat map to show me the where and the whats.Also gives me alead into talking with elder Sandiagens,and man do they enjoy telling me the grand stories and I can invision what they are talking about.This makes for great conversations.Thankyou.Just a suggestion give him back his job,he does agreat one!And no we are not aquainted.

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