How Many Millionaires Live in San Diego?


According to the annual TNS Market Survey, the ANSWER IS: 100,727!

If you are wondering who qualifies as a millionaire, they looked at net worth, not including a primary residence.

That’s quite a few millionaires. In most parts of the country, there is only one, if not two, rich parts of town. Here, the number of ‘rich parts of town’ are too many to count.

Whether you are in Coronado, Borrego Springs, Carlsbad, or any points in between, there is a millionaire community within a stones throw away, if you are not a millionaire yourself. (Remember, they didn’t count primary residences. The number of San Diegans worth a million dollars is a small fraction of the people that live in million dollar homes.)

So, how does this rank against other counties in the country?

San Diego has more millionaires than any other county except five, two of which include Los Angeles and Orange Counties to our north. We even have 25,000 more millionaires than the Seattle area with its Microsoft and Starbucks millionaires, and 30,000 more than San Jose, with its tech company and venture capital millionaires.

You might argue that San Diego is a huge county and is able to throw a wider net to capture a large share of millionaires. So, I rearranged the list to account for the population of the Top 10 Counties. San Diego only slips one spot when you compare the number of millionaire households against the total population of the county. (I couldn’t find the number of households in each county so I figured using the total population would be the next best thing.)

If you are curious as to the percentage, for San Diego it’s 3.4%. The highest percentages went to the Long Island counties of Nassau (5.5%) and Suffolk (4.7%).

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