Free Admission for Kids at the San Diego Zoo!


October 2008 is a great month to take your kids under the age of 12 to the San Diego Zoo or Wild Animal Park. Save on the normal $16.50 admission fee and introduce your kids to our world famous animal parks. For this month only, kids can enter for free with an adult.

The San Diego Zoo includes a Children’s Zoo area where they can get face paintings, pet sheep, watch a kids show, and more easily see the animals.

One kids favorite are the meerkats, which can be found at both the Zoo and Wild Animal Park.  The Zoo has a number of tiger cubs that will interest kids but they can be hard to see at times.  There is also a baby in the Gorilla Exhibit. The Wild Animal Park has several playful lion cubs, who frequently entertain guests.

To help your kids learn more about the animals, the Zoo’s web site has a special section for kids. For more information, visit the web site for the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park.

People travel from all over the world with their sights set on visiting the San Diego Zoo.  We are lucky to have it in our backyard and this free kids offer is a great reason to visit the Zoo or Wild Animal Park today.

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