Former SDSU Students Win Super Bowl Ad Contest


NFL Super Ad with former SDSU StudentDo you remember the Super Bowl XLII commercial about an oboe playing grocery bagger plucked from obscurity and turned into a NFL starter? The ad, sponsored by the NFL, seemed a little hard to believe. I was curious to know if it was a true story.

The next day my cousin called to say, “Hey, I worked at Ralph’s on Montezuma Mesa with the a guy that was in a Super Bowl commercial!” Well, that answered my question. Both the plucker (Ephraim Salaam), and the plucked (Chester Pitts) were students at San Diego State and now both play for the NFL’s Houston Texans.

As for the oboe playing, well it was not only true, you heard Chester Pitts playing a concerto with his oboe for the commercial’s background music.

The commercial was one of 48 proposed to the NFL by players from around the league. The fans then voted online to choose their favorite commercial to be run during the Super Bowl . That’s the story of how two SDSU students went from a parking lot conversation to Super Bowl commercial fame.

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