Election Day Forecast: Free Ice Cream


One of the benefits of living in San Diego is we get to enjoy ice cream season year-round.  The cool treat was especially enjoyable over the past couple weeks as the temps rose to record levels in San Diego, while we got to watch the news show snow falling in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Although it’s finally cooling down, the election day weather forecast shows San Diego and much of the south will still have decent ice cream eating weather. That means we can take advantage of Ben & Jerry’s Free Ice Cream offer on election day!

Just show up with your ‘I Voted’ sticker from the polling booth and get a free scoop of your favorite ice cream. Better yet, head to the Seaport Village locations and take a picture of yourself strolling along the San Diego Bay with your scoop of ice cream and send it to your friends living in colder climates.  You will find a shop on the east end near the outdoor Gazebo and on the west end near the historic merry-go-round.  Two more great picture taking spots to send to your friends. Both of those shops will be serving free scoops from 5PM – 9PM.

You will also find Ben & Jerry’s locations at Horton Plaza and the UTC Mall but I believe both of those locations stop serving free scoops at 8PM.

Be sure to vote on Tuesday, get a free scoop of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and enjoy San Diego’s wonderful weather.

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One Response to “Election Day Forecast: Free Ice Cream”

  1. The Best Places in San Diego says:

    So much for nice weather in the Election Day forecast just a couple days ago. The light drizzle is supposed to clear up by this evening. We’ll see.

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