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I started this blog back in February after a two week visit to the hospital for heart surgery. (A word to the wise: Wash your hands frequently and do whatever it takes to avoid random viruses, a few of whom like to attack the heart. I was one of the lucky ones to recover and am back to running several miles each week.)

I could have created a blog to share my thoughts and experiences on overcoming the challenges of being knocked off ones feet, adapting to circumstances, and then ultimately fighting for recovery. However, I personally was more moved by the appreciation I re-established during my two-week hospital stay for the great fortune we have for living in San Diego.

It dawned on me there are very few places in our country, if any, that enjoy many of the privileges we have living here in America’s Finest City. I wrote in my first blog entry that I had the great fortune of spending two weeks in probably one of the best hospital rooms in the country. I stayed in the same room Mother Theresa had stayed in when she had heart surgery. Every evening I enjoyed watching the sun set over the Pacific, with a view of the Torrey Pines Golf Course, home of the 2008 PGA U.S. Open Championship, in the foreground. Now, how many hospital rooms in the world can you think of that offer a view of a golf course, ocean, and beautiful sunsets?

Looking back on my 10 years in San Diego, I began to remember all of the great attributes that attracted me to San Diego in the first place. Hoping that others do not have to go through the challenging experience I endured to re-appreciate all of the great things about San Diego, I decided to create this blog to remind people what a great place we live in. I aim to write each post about something that makes San Diego unique or at least makes it stand out from other cities. So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my findings with others.

That brings me back to the question I asked in the title of this post. What about yourself. Do you have thoughts or experiences you would like to share with others? Do you tell your friends and family about things that you think others might have an interest in as well? Chances are, there are other people out there who can benefit from hearing about your experiences or who can learn from your knowledge.

Blogging has become mainstream. You hear every TV and radio personality telling you to check out their blog. If you think there must be too many blogs now that everyone is talking about them and thus yours will get lost in the shuffle, think again. People are always yearning to learn more or find someone else they can relate to. You might just be the person they are looking for.

Here in San Diego, there are blogs about communities (such as San Elijo Life or La Mesa Real Estate), moms (Mel, A Dramatic Mom in La Costa), food (places to eat out and easy recipes), dealing with life in one’s 20s (Girlola) and much more.

What do you have to share? — Viewpoints on politics? Knowledge on economics? Advice on dating? Experiences as a Taxi Driver? (There’s actually a San Diego Taxi Blog.)

If I’ve wet your appetite at all to start your own blog, why don’t you start by meeting some of the local bloggers. The San Diego Meetup group for bloggers, SD Bloggers, is getting together on Tuesday, October 28th in downtown San Diego. Over 225 members have joined since its inception a year ago. You will meet about a 100 of them on Tuesday. They are a friendly group and drinks are free for the first hour courtesy of Integral Impressions, owned by one of our fellow bloggers. Sign up to attend the SD Bloggers meet-up and get some inspiration to start your own blog!

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