Daredevils to Fill the Skies Over Borrego Springs


Did you get a rush from watching the Blue Angels flying around town last week? How about when the Red Bull Air Races were in town?  If you have a penchant for aerobatic flying, you’ll want to head out to Borrego Springs later in the week.

The annual Borrego Springs Akrofest takes place Friday and Saturday (October 17th and 18th).  Generally, about 40+ pilots, from around the country compete in one of five aerobatic contests. You can see the types of planes by looking at the 2007 results. To get a better idea of what to expect, watch this great six minute video made at the 2000 Borrego Springs Akrofest. Coverage of the aerobatics starts about 3 minutes into the video.

You can get directions to the Borrego Valley Airport from Google Maps. If you are interested in becoming an aerobatic pilot, visit the San Diego Aerobatic Club web site.

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