Coronado Beach #1 Beach in California


Coronado Beach, stretching from the Hotel Del Coronado to Dog Beach near the town center, is the top beach in California for 2008.

Coronado Beach ranks 5th nationwide in the annual ranking of the Top 10 Beaches in the Country. The beach in Coronado will be featured along with the other Top 10 beaches on a TV special over the 4th of July weekend. I’ll keep an eye out for the time and channel and update this post.

You can read more about Coronado Beach from the Coronado Visitor Center web site. Here’s one tidbit I never knew: “On the beach south of the Hotel Del Coronado, you can see the hull of the sunken gambling ship Monte Carlo, which washed ashore in 1936.”

When visiting, keep an eye out for Navy Seals, who train on Coronado. I was startled once when the Navy Seals popped out of the water as I was riding my bike down the Silver Strand.

When visiting Coronado, you should also visit Centennial Park for a great skyline view of downtown San Diego.

Colorful Guide Map for Coronado from the Visitor Center

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