Comments on San Diego #3


Welcome to the third edition of comments visitors from around the world are making about San Diego.  This ought to make you feel good about living in a city where others only get to visit for a day or week.  If you missed the previous editions, start with Comments on San Diego #2.

Atlanta Journal Constitution – “It’s never easy taking that cab ride to the San Diego airport on Sunday night, the sun setting, the cool breeze blowing, the pretty ladies walking along the sidewalks, the outdoor cafes bustling, the sailboats on the harbor.

But duty calls, and we’re leaving the paradisical city with its tanned denizens, its rich assortment of tattooed locals, straw-fedora’d cruisers, wealthy tourists, hard-working immigrants, and bums — surf or street, they got ‘em all — and did we mention beauties? Of every nationality, they got those, you better believe it.”

Traveler from London – “San Diego must be one of America’s best-kept secrets, at least on this side of the Atlantic. Very few Europeans would put it at the top of their list of places to visit and yet is has a climate unrivalled by Florida and a location to surpass Los Angeles. It also has a diversity of culture and sights to match Washington, New York, San Francisco or any of the other “great” cities.”

Belfast, Ireland Telegraph – “In Southern California, where the desert meets the Pacific, you’ll find a city that combines opulence with stunning scenery.”

Salt Lake City Tribune – “Southern California’s gem of a city, San Diego, ranks as a wonderful year-round destination…”

The Independent (London) – “..San Diego, being the second city in the most powerful state in the world’s supreme nation isn’t so bad after all, especially when the city in first place just does not have the looks and location. You know who I’m talking about, LA. Give me San Diego anytime: an oasis of indulgence between the desert and the ocean.”

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