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Every once in a while I like to share quotes from those in other parts of the world that put San Diego front and center. Read them and then enjoy the fact you live in San Diego.

Tech Guy from Washington, D.C.: “San Diego was one of the cleanest and nicest cities I have ever seen. The climate was very nice… a breezy 70 degrees or so. Wednesday was actually chilly because it was overcast. What a contrast to the humid/hot weather I came back to. This is definitely a place worth visiting and I daresay it looks like a nice place to live.”

Seattle Times and Chicago Tribune Travel Article: “Once upon a time, San Diego was known mostly as a playground for families…Yet somehow, under the radar, San Diego also has become surprisingly hip.”

United Kingdom’s Times Online: “Los Angeles itself is also something of a shock for the first-timer – as sprawling and strung out along gridlocked freeways as you imagined. Still, for those who want to get all the pluses of southern California (sun, sand, surf and so on) with none of the minuses, help is at hand. It’s called San Diego, and now, thanks to Zoom, you can fly direct to it from Gatwick.”

If you didn’t catch the previous post of cool comments about San Diego, you can read it here.

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