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It’s always fun to see what out-of-towners are saying about San Diego. If you are ever having a bad day in our great county, read these quotes to get a little hop back in your step.

LA FOX-11 TV Reporter – “San Diego, te quiero! (I love you.) A weekend of dancing, music, food, discovery. ”

Obstetrician from the Midwest – “I was in San Diego in March for a conference, and I’ve decided that San Diego must be heaven. Yup. If you’re good, San Diego is where you go when you die. ”

Cancer Survivor from Chicago – “San Diego is beautiful; the architecture is beautiful, the landscaping is beautiful, and the weather is beautiful.” “It is truly a nice change after this winter in Chicago….we were cold from November on. Snow began early December and it’s even supposed to snow in Chicago this weekend…..we are pushing five months of cold and gloom. San Diego is truly a breath of fresh air in comparison. I’m guessing they don’t get seasonal affective disorder here!”

Cross Country RV Travelers – “Summer is usually when the beach beckons us “Zonies” and San Diego isn’t really all that far away. There’s a saying that if you want to see your Tucson friends in the summer, go to San Diego. ”

Cruise Ship Passenger from Canada – “First of all, let’s just start by saying I love San Diego! It’s beautiful. The people are friendly, it’s easy to find your way around and a great place to visit. I would love to go back there for a week and see lots more and do lots more.”

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