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One of my favorite Union Tribune columns is written by Diane Bell. If you like this blog about the unique aspects of San Diego, you will probably enjoy reading Diane Bell’s column, which is published every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in the Local Section of the San Diego Union Tribune.

Bell provides inside scoops on the Who’s Who of San Diego, celebrity sightings, and interesting experiences encountered by local residents. You will read stories about odd coincidences, miscommunications that cause laughter, fellow citizen efforts that tug at the heart, and run-ins with Hollywood celebrities.

For example, in today’s column, Bell alerts us to two Spring Valley brothers (ages six and eight) who will be playing major roles this season on separate ABC prime time shows, including Desperate Housewives. She also gives us a heads up that Sarah Michelle Gellar and Kiefer Sutherland will be at the Ivy Hotel tomorrow night. A few months back, she gave us the scoop that former Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney was buying a home in La Jolla.

If you have any interesting tidbits, you can forward them to Diane Bell. Otherwise, enjoy reading her columns.

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  1. The Best Places in San Diego says:

    I should also mention that the San Diego Magazine has an “Insider” page that also shares little tidbits such as celebrity sightings in its monthly publication.

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