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Canadian Flag from Wikipedia CommonsI like to keep tabs on what others are saying about San Diego. It is easy for us to take the great life we have in San Diego for granted as time passes. Hearing what others have to say when they come for a visit reminds me to stop complaining about the little things and spend time enjoying our wonderful city.

I have found no shortage of Canadians who love to write about San Diego. Earlier this month, The Kingston Whig-Standard in Kingston, Ontario, Canada published a travel article titled: ‘San Diego’s got it goin’ on. The city bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Anza-Borrego Desert, Laguna Mountains and Mexico is southern California perfection.’ I wish you could read the full article but it no longer appears to be available on their web site.

This past week, a Fashion Writer from Toronto provided her blog readers a daily update on her 9 day trip to San Diego. She is definitely the type of traveler that our Visitors Bureau loves. Here are a few quotes from her blog:

“I still can’t believe those of you who live here get this kind of weather every day! Those of you not from CA, I kid you not, every single day here is gorgeous open blue skies without a single cloud. Even if the morning is a little overcast, by 11am it brightens up into the most perfect day ever. I am head over heels for this place.”

“What a beautiful immaculate city!”

More than 1 million Canadians visited the State of California last year according to the Canadian Consulate in Los Angeles. Considering the Canadian population is roughly 33 million, California is quite a draw. Many of those visitors make their way to San Diego, which is home to tens of thousands of Canadians according to

There is such a big presence of Canadians in San Diego that each year, several hundred Canadians get together to celebrate Canada Day on July 1st. In 2007, the San Diego City Council and the San Diego County Board of Supervisors each proclaimed CanDiego Day in recognition of the Canadian presence in San Diego.

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