BMW Oracle Racing Home Ported in San Diego this Fall


For the next couple months, we will see one of the fastest sailboats in the world navigating San Diego Bay.  The BMW Oracle Racing Team is in town with their brand new trimaran boat. The 100 foot sail boat with 148 foot mast is docked behind the San Diego Convention Center.

The America’s Cup competitors from BMW Oracle will be working to acclimate themselves to the new boat as they prepare for the next racing season.  You can read more about the planned stay in San Diego from the Valencia Sailing blog and view pictures of recent practices held in San Diego Bay on the BMW Oracle Racing Team web site.

I know who I’ll be cheering for – BMW Oracle.  Hopefully, you’ll cheer for the ‘home team’ as well!

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One Response to “BMW Oracle Racing Home Ported in San Diego this Fall”

  1. The Best Places in San Diego says:

    I recently mentioned on Twitter that the BMW-Oracle boat is still hanging out in San Diego Bay.

    Today’s U-T finally provided the explanation on why it’s been in town so long. The team is currently in court fighting for the right to challenge for the next America’s Cup. The trimaran is being taken through its paces in anticipation of competing for the America’s Cup.

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