#1 Dog Friendliest Place in the U.S.


San Diego is #1 for Dogs! Dog Fancy magazine searched for cities with superb environments, great natural resources, innovative activities, supreme veterinary care, and model shelter rates. After complete their analysis, “San Diego ran away with the top honors this year”.

What makes San Diego such a great place for dogs? For starters, nearly $25 million is donated to the six local animal shelters in the area each year. This shows that San Diegans love animals. Just like humans, the most important thing dogs need is love.

It is not just pet owners that love their dogs, but businesses as well. San Diego is home to 60-plus dog-friendly hotels, more than 50 dog-friendly restaurants, and numerous dog trainers and behaviorists. The San Diego Padres host an annual Dog Days of Summer event at Petco Park where owners can participate in a pre-game dog parade and then enjoy the game with their pets.

I think the best reason why San Diego is such a great place for dogs is the number of dog beaches where we can take them for fun in the sun. When my wife goes to the beach or park, I become an afterthought as she spends all of her time checking out the cute dogs. So, where are your favorite places to take your dog in San Diego?

To see a list of dog beaches, open leash parks, and pet friendly businesses in San Diego, check out dogfriendly.com

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