Baby Panda Bear Goes Nationwide on PBS


Zhen Zhen, the adorable little panda bear born just over a year ago at the San Diego Zoo is being featured nationwide this week on local PBS stations. The San Diego broadcast is tonight at 8PM.

Panda Tales – A Year in the Life of a Baby Giant Panda is an hour-long documentary about Zhen Zhen and the amazing video of her first year of life as she stumbles to find her footing with the other Giant Pandas at the San Diego Zoo. You will also learn about the plight of Pandas, whose native home in China was significantly shaken up during a major earthquake earlier this year.

The documentary was filmed by our local KPBS station and is in the process of being shown throughout the country. Those outside of San Diego can check your local PBS TV Schedule online and type “Panda Tales” in the searchbox for dates and times.

If you missed ‘Panda Tales’, watch a short video and look at pictures of the baby Panda on the KPBS web site. Even better, you can see all four Giant Pandas live at the San Diego Zoo on the Giant Panda Cam. If it happens to be nighttime in San Diego, don’t worry. You will find a link to time-lapse video at the bottom of the page. There is also a Giant Panda Blog for those that want to follow the life of the Pandas at the San Diego Zoo.

Zoo members can read more about the documentary in this month’s ZOONOOZ magazine.

Once again, those of us lucky enough to live in San Diego can see the beautiful Pandas in person. If you have not visited the Zoo lately, don’t let haste make waste. Go see the Pandas today!

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2 Responses to “Baby Panda Bear Goes Nationwide on PBS”

  1. Iron Lous says:

    Will a DVD be offered for sale of Panda Tales?

  2. The Best Places in San Diego says:

    I’ll keep my eyes open.

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