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If you have worked with a Fitness Trainer or if you’ve read articles about fitness in your local paper, chances are the San Diego based American Council on Exercise had something to do with it.

Founded in 1985, today ACE is one of the largest fitness certification, education and training organizations in the world. They have certified over 200,000 fitness professional around the globe. They have created one of the most referenced fitness information web sites, which includes all of the information you could ever need on the proper form for weightlifting, stability training, yoga poses and more.

Their exercise library lists multiple resistance training exercises for each muscle group allowing you to find a variety of exercises that work best for you. On their Fit Facts page, there is documentation on how to choose a fitness trainer, what exercises to perform when you are pregnant, and how to manage an exercise program for several different health challenges, including arthritis, heart disease, and stroke. Their Fit Facts page also provides resources for Nutrition, Supplements, and Kids Fitness issues.

Considering that new studies often result in changes to fitness and nutrition recommendations, you can stay up-to-date on the latest in health and fitness from American Council on Exercise.

If you think that is a lot of information, they also have a section of Frequently Asked Questions on Health and Fitness as well as over 2,000 healthy recipes.

This goes to show that not only do San Diegans do a great job of living a healthy lifestyle, which we’ve discussed in previous posts, but we also do a great job of trumpeting the need for rest of society to live a healthy lifestyle through San Diego based organizations, such as the American Council on Exercise and companies, such as Jazzercise. To read about other ‘started in San Diego’ firsts when it comes to health, I’ve created a new category called Health / Fitness / Nutrition. Enjoy.

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